ReferPKD - ADPKD Referrals

This tool will connect providers to physicians or clinics with a stated interest in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease. You will then have the option to refer directly to the physician with a well-formed referral, complete with all the information needed to plan a referral and omitting what isn't required.

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Expected Sodium change

This formula will provide the expected rate of change of plasma sodium concentration for a given infusion tonicity and a given urine composition

Vol Infusate
Vol Urine
Na Infusate mEq/L
Na Serum mEq/L
Na Urine mEq/L
K Infusate mEq/L
K Urine mEq/L
Vol Delta
Na Change
Decimal Precision:


TBW = Sex * Weight

VolDelta = VolInfusate - VolUrine

NaChange = ((VolInfusate * (NaInfusate + KInfusate)) - (VolUrine * (NaUrine + KUrine)) - (VolDelta * NaSerum)) / (TBW + VolDelta)


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*Please note: this calculator is intended for educational usage only and should never be used to replace clinical decision making by a qualified practitioner.